Safeguard His Generation

Thank you for for helping us Safeguard His Generation! This program is a project of Frontline Policy Council. Our goal is to help pastors and ministry leaders better understand the sensitive issues their youth are exposed to in school, social media, and other forms of entertainment.

How it works

1. Register Your Church

We will send you a password your students can use to access the survey. When you register, you will set a window of dates that the survey will be open. The survey can only be taken during those dates.

2. Take the Survey

Plan to give 20-30 minutes for the anonymous survey. We suggest allowing your students to use their phone, and to break the survey up into two or three 10 minute increments with a game or discussion in between.

3. Get Results

When your scheduled survey window has closed, we will send you the results. If you would like assistance interpreting the data, we would be glad to talk to you

4. Preach the Word

These topics can be tough to navigate. It’s incredibly important to make sure we’re teaching kids what the Bible says, not our own preferences.