SHG Methodology

In the Fall of 2021 Frontline Policy Council in partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom commissioned a poll of parents, grandparents, and legal guardians across the state of Georgia to gauge attitudes toward public education in our state. Our polling found that 79% of parents, grandparents, and legal guardians are concerned about indoctrination in our schools, including 65% of “non-religious” respondents. That’s why we launched the Safeguard His Generation project, to help identify and combat indoctrination when it happens.

We used this polling data, as well as multiple 90 minute focus groups of parents, faith and community leaders, and students to identify issues of concern. Focus group participants–even those from highly rated school districts and those that have a good relationship with school administrators–shared significant concern about the curriculum in public schools.

Problematic content included anti-religious rhetoric, sexually explicit material, gender identity politics, and concepts that promoted racial division. Polling data showed similar concerns.

Some of the problematic content was found in optional reading online or in school libraries that could be used for assignments, but was not specifically mandated by teachers. This highlights the fact that–even with great teachers and administrators–it is entirely possible that children are unknowingly encountering problematic material in reading assignments.

One topic of concern raised in the focus groups that was not touched on in polling was the influence of extracurricular activities, a student’s peers, social media, and popular entertainment in perpetuating concerning worldviews.

In response to this data, Frontline Policy Council created this survey to help parents and ministry leaders better understand these concerns. If students are being influenced by counter-biblical worldviews on key issues of sexuality, gender, race, or the authority of Scripture, this survey will help ministry leaders better understand those influences. We will never be able to fully shield our children from the world, but we also need to make sure students are receiving sound Biblical teaching on the issues they’re facing in school. With the help of this survey ministry leaders can better understand which issues they need to discuss from a Biblical perspective.

We live in a dark and dying world. It’s incumbent on each of us to ensure our children understand how the full teaching of Scripture applies to the issues they face everyday.